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  • Aceves, Robert

    Aceves, Robert

    Associate Professor

    Business and Economics
    Air and Ground Search and Rescue
    Airline Management
    Airport Planning and Management
    Emergency Planning and Management
    Advanced flight instruction
    Aviation security
    Aviation safety
    Advanced aerodynamics
    Aircraft accident investigation
    Regional contingency and wartime planning
    Incidence response to weapons of mass destruction
    Incidence response to suicide bombers
    Advanced air traffic control (ATC) operations
    Instructional systems design, curriculum development and assessment
    Online education
  • Acker, Gila

    Acker, Gila


    Social Work
    Occupational stress - Burnout - Transphobia among helping professionals - Social workers and managed care
    Mental health
    Managed care
    Role expectations of social work students
    Psychoanalytic oriented psychotherapy
  • Adams, Cheryl

    Adams, Cheryl

    Associate Professor

  • Ajuluchukwu, David

    Ajuluchukwu, David

    Associate Professor

    Health and Physical Education and Gerontological Studies
    Public / Community Health Education
    Public Administration
  • Alexandre, Margarett

    Alexandre, Margarett

    Assistant Professor

    Medical/Surgical Nursing
    Nursing Administration
    Transcultural Nursing
  • Alter, Elizabeth

    Alter, Elizabeth

    Assistant Professor

    Evolutionary genetics
    Marine biology
    Vertebrate biology and ecology
    Conservation biology
    Environmental DNA
  • Amaghionyeodiwe, Lloyd

    Amaghionyeodiwe, Lloyd

    Assistant Professor

    Accounting and Finance
    Public Sector Finance/Health Economics
    Small Business Management & Information Technology
  • Amenyo, John-Thones

    Amenyo, John-Thones

    Assistant Professor

    Mathematics and Computer Science
    UAV Multicopter Drones in Mosquito Vector Control for Malaria Disease Management and Eradication
    Biosensor Arrays in Mosquito Vector Control, Environmental Monitoring, Entomological Surveillance
    Complex Adaptive Systems, Systems of Systems Engineering, Integration, Intelligence
    Public Health Informatics & Automation
    End-User Parallel Programming of STEM Applications for HPC, Multicore Arch
    Learning Automation & Learning Informatics Instructional Tech, Serious Ganes
    Conscious Robots & Self-Aware Robots
    Computational Models of CNS / Brain / Mind / Neuro-Glia Interactions
    Autonomic Systems
    Emergency, Disaster, Crisis Informatics