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Carta-Gerardino, Edoardo

Carta-Gerardino, Edoardo

Assistant Professor
Mathematics and Computer Science
Areas of Expertise:
  • Weighted Automata and Formal Languages
  • Recurrence Equations with Coefficients in a Semiring
  • Pushdown Automata and Context-Free Languages

Weighted automata are powerful finite-state machines in which the transitions have weights associated to them. Dr. Carta studies weighted automata and their connection to formal languages.

Recurrence equations define sequences using recursion. Dr Carta's current research deals with recursively defined sequences of elements from a semiring, and their connection to weighted automata.

Pushdown automata (PDAs) are computational models, particularly useful in compiler design and linguistics. Dr. Carta studies PDAs, viewed as weighted automata, and context-free languages, viewed as algebraic objects.

Degree Institution Field Dates
PhD  Cornell University  Mathematics  2008 
MS  Cornell University  Mathematics  2007