Phelps, Daniel

Phelps, Daniel

Curriculum Vitae

Associate Professor
Performing and Fine Arts

Phone: 718-262-2917
Office Location: AC-4G04

Office Hours  
Tuesdays  10pm-12pm 


Degree Institution Field Dates
BS  California State University Sacramento  Mass Media Communication, Television Production  2002 
MFA  Hunter College CUNY  Integrated Media Arts  2011 

Daniel Phelps is a integrated media artist and filmmaker in New York City. His work consists of various forms of non-fiction media specializing in the use of hi-technology for digital storytelling. Daniel worked as a Videographer, Editor, and Chief of Production for various production companies throughout Northern California and Los Angeles. His linear work has been seen on NBC Sports, The Tennis Channel, and cable networks across the country. More recently, his feature-length documentary, The Domino Effect, advocates for fair housing and informed urban planning in NYC. His integrated media work has been seen in galleries, 3D film festivals, the USPTO, and multimedia installation facilities. In 2015 & 2016, Daniel was awarded a NASA funded grants for the participation in the 2015 Robotic Mining Competition and Swarmathon robotics through 2018. His current research consist of the use of drones, robotics, virtual reality and digital fabrication as commercial and artistic tools.

Areas of Expertise

Integrated Media Art
Documentary Production
Non-Fiction Editing
Non-Fiction Photography
Live Television Production
Digital Fabrication
3D Printing
CNC Operoation
3 Camera Studio Systems
HD Video Production & Workflows
Documentary Production Workflows
Arduino I/O & Coding Environments
Adobe Creative Cloud

Articles in Field Of Expertise

John-Thones Amenyo, Daniel Phelps, Olajide Oladipo, Folly Sewovoe-Ekuoe, Sangeeta Jadoonanan, Sandeep Jadoonanan, Tahseen Tabassum, Salim Gnabode, Tanging D Sherpa, Michael Falzone, Abrar Hossain, Aerren Kubla. "MedizDroids Project: Ultra-Low Cost, Low-Altitude, Affordable and Sustainable UAV Multicopter Drones For Mosquito Vector Control in Malaria Disease Management Management. ." Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC), 2014 IEEE. I 2014: 590 - 596.

Daniel Phelps, Michael Cripps, Anna Charles. "NYC, Home of the Homeless.." The Journal for Undergraduate Multimedia Projects. I.I 2010: Multiple.

Chapters in Field Of Expertise

Louis Chan (Author), Christina Clemente (Author), Erik Dalzen (Author), Antonella Pelizzari (Editor), Daniel Phelps (Contributing Author). "Peripheral Visions: Italian Photography in Context, 1950s-Present.." USA. 2012 Charta Books: 2.

Presented Papers, Lectures, and Exhibitions and Performances

" Invited film presentation and Q&A " 2018: The New York Preservation Archive Project, film festival; People Preserving Place. “The Domino Effect” Presented.

" Rapid Prototyping for NASA Competitions in Higher Education " 2017: Construct3D Conference at Duke University.

" CUNY Supporting the Nation of Makers Initiative " 2016: CUNY IT Conference.

" Hacking & Building: An Understanding of our Future Through Science Fiction and Future Fiction " 2016: Invited presentation in the Amazing Stories Symposium, New York City College of Technology.

" Swarm Robotics and NASA’s Crowdsourcing of Technology " 2016: Invited presentation to the engineering Faculty & Staff of New York City College of Technology’s College School of Engineering.

" Creating Diverse Communities Within Interdisciplinary STEM Research Competitions " 2016: Mellon Diversity Project Conference: Creating Diverse and Inclusive Communities.

" Adventures in the Martian Sandbox " 2015: Provost Lecture Series York College CUNY.

" Makerspaces, Maker Pedagogy and the Promise of a Maker Commons.  " 2013: CUNY IT Conference.

" The Domino Effect: How Development in New York City is Often Bittersweet " 2011: Provost Lecture Series York College CUNY.

" iPads on Campus: A Look at the Positives and Pitfalls of Adopting Emerging Technology Platforms " 2010: CUNY IT Conference.

" Content Management in the Cloud: THE END OF LOCALLY HOSTED MEDIA " 2009: CUNY IT Conference.

" Changing Realities and Creating WAC Synergies Through Film: A Case Study of Institutional Embeddedness in Multiple Media " 2008: The Conference on College Composition and Communication, (CCCC)..

" StartUpNY @ York College Commercial " 2015: Online.

" The Domino Effect; Documentary " 2012: Worldwide Feature, Bedford and Bowery, New York Magazine American Sociology Association Annual 2013 The Pratt Institute Planners Network Conference 2013 The Woods, presented by NAG Brooklyn DocWorks NYC @ The CUNY Grad Center Greenpoint Film Festival Williamsburg International Film Festival The Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture, presented by Filmwax The Urban Planning Program at Hunter College The Urban Planning Program at Brooklyn College.

" The Alley 3D; Short " 2011: BeFilm International Film Festival The New York Stereoscopic Society @ The Museum of Natural History.

" FIT 3D Live; 3D Live Simulcast " 2010: Fashion Institute of Technology, Online.

" Salesman; Short " 2009: IMA Interactive Show, Online.

" Shanxi – CUNY Exchange; Documentary " 2009: Online, Shanxi Conference.

" Auditory Artist; Documentary " 2008: Online.

" Prospect Dreaming; Documentary " 2009: Online.

" Draft My Paper; Educational " 2006: The Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) Writing Across the Curriculum Conference at the CUNY Grad Center, Direct DVD, Online.

" US Open of Racquetball; Live Televised " 2005-2006: Tennis Channel.

" Because I Row; Commercial " 2011: NBC Sports.

" The House of Pete & Travis; Shorts " 2009: Online Series.

" NASA SEMAA Program; Documentary " 2009: Direct to DVD, Online.

" Ed Koch Promo; Commercial " 2007: Direct to DVD, Online.

" The Grass is Greener; Short " 2005: Spec.

" 3rd Alarm; TV Magazine " 2002-2004: Broadcast.

" City Beat; TV Magazine " 2002-2004: Broadcast.

" Peripheral Visions; Casabella and Domus Interactive " 2012: The Lang Gallery, NY, NY.


Daniel Phelps. 2010. iPhoneoscope, 3D goggles for the iPhone. Patent Provisional, filed 2009, and issued Public Domain.

Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

Dr. Miendel Academic Excellence Award: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001.

NCAA All Academic Award: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002.

National Football Foundation & College Football Hall of Fame, Athlete of the Year: 2002.

International Communicator Award: 2002.

Telly Award (Editing): 2003.

Telly Award (Videography/Editing): 2004.


New York Space Grant Consortium, Advancing STEM through Astrobotics at York College (ASTA). 2017-2018: $12,000.

New York Space Grant Consortium, Summer Support Grant. 2018: $1,700.

NY Study Abroad, Funding for Domestic Student Travel. 2018: $5,413.

PSC/CUNY Cycle 48 Professional Development Grant, The Future American Retrospective: A Telerobotic VR Experience. 2017-2018: $11,900.

New York Space Grant Consortium, Spring Supplemental Grant. 2017: $1,500.

New York Space Grant Consortium, Fall Supplemental Grant. 2016: $1,500.

Blue Eagle Labs, Private sponsorship of Communications Technology Program and the York Astrobotics Collaborative. 3D Printer and Laser Engraver equipment donation. 2017: $3,000.

York College Auxiliary, NASA Robotic Mining Competition 2017, Travel Funds. 2017: $1,229.

CUNY Grad Center for the Humanities, CUNY Academy's Associate Professor Travel Awards Program. 2017: $200.

Construct3D Duke University, Faculty Scholarship Awardee, Construct3D. 2017: $299.99.

NASA, Robotic Mining Competition. 2015: $25,000.

NASA, Swarmie Programming Challenge. 2016: $24,000.

Kickstarter, The Domino Effect (Documentary). 2011: $15,000.

PSC/CUNY HEO Professional Development Fund, Technology Research Grant. 2008: $4,000.

PSC/CUNY HEO Professional Development Fund, Technology Research Grant. 2009: $4,000.

PSC/CUNY HEO Professional Development Fund, Technology Research Grant. 2010: $4,000.

Other Professional Activities and Public Service

Virtual Reality Technical Consultant (Real Estate Industry): 2015-2016.

SEMAA Volunteer (3D Printing and Robotics Training): 2011-2016.

CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise STEM Curriculum Development Workshop: June 10th, 2016.