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Snyder, Charles


Curriculum Vitae

  1. Education

    Degree Institution Field Dates
    PhD  New School for Social Research  Philosophy  2014 
  2. Full-Time Academic Experience

    Institution Rank Field Dates
    Bard College  Associate Fellow     
  3. Part-Time Academic Experience

  4. Non Academic Experience

  5. Employment Record At This Institution

  6. Publications In Field Of Expertise

    1. Books:

      Snyder, Charles, E. Beyond Hellenistic Epistemology. New York: Bloomsbury, 2021. 217 pages.

    2. Papers in Professional Journals:
      1. Articles:

        1. "Cicero, Academica 1.45: Interpreting Academic History." Bochumer Philosophisches Jahrbuch für Antike und Mittelalter. 24 2021: 18–34.

        2. "Foucault and the Historiography of Early Hellenistic Philosophy." Critical Horizons: A Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory. 22.3 2021: 272–286.

        3. "Arcesilaus and the Ontology of Stoic Cognition." Review of Metaphysics. 73 2019: 455–493.

        4. "On the Teaching of Ethics from Polemo to Arcesilaus." Études platoniciennes. 14 2018: 1–21.

        5. "Becoming Like a Woman: Philosophy in Plato’s Theaetetus." Epochê: A Journal for the History of Philosophy. 21.1 2016: 1-19.

        6. "The Socratic Benevolence of Arcesilaus' Dialectic." Ancient Philosophy. 34.2 2014: 341-363.

      2. Proceedings:
        1. Refereed Proceedings
        2. Non-Refereed Proceedings

          1. "In Defense of Disruptive Action." Public Seminar. 2017: online publication.

          2. "The Platonism of Hannah Arendt." Amor Mundi: Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities. 2016: online publication.

    3. Chapters in Books:

      1. "Concepts of Love in Augustine." The Bloomsbury Companion to Arendt. 2020: 29-33.

      2. "Skepticism in the Renaissance." Encyclopedia of Renaissance Philosophy. 2019: 1-5.

      3. "Plato and the Freedom of the New Academy." Brill's Companion to the Reception of Plato in Antiquity. 2017: 58-71.

    4. Government Reports or Monographs
    5. Book Reviews:

      "Review of David Ambuel, Turtles All the Way Down: On Plato's Theaetetus" 2016: Bryn Mawr Classical Review.

      "Review of Steve Johnston, American Dionysia: Violence, tragedy and democratic politics" 2015: Contemporary Political Theory.

  7. Other Publications

    1. Books:
    2. Papers in Professional Journals:
      1. Articles:
      2. Proceedings:
        1. Refereed Proceedings
        2. Non-Refereed Proceedings
    3. Chapters in Books:
    4. Government Reports or Monographs
    5. Book Reviews:
  8. Presented Papers, Lectures, And Exhibitions And Performances

    "Foucault and the Historiography of Hellenistic Philosophy" October 2018: Annual Conference of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy.

    "Early Academic Skepticism and the Teachability of Virtue" June 8, 2017: École Normale Supérieure, Vth Atelier International de la Société d’Études Platoniciennes.

    "Academic Scepticism and the Question of Virtue" May 8-12, 2017: Maimonides Centre for Advanced Studies, Jewish Scepticism at the University of Hamburg.

  9. Patents


  10. Work In Progress

    1. Books in progress:
    2. Papers in Progress:
    3. Papers submitted to journals for consideration:
    4. Research in progress:
  11. Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

  12. Grants-In-Aid

  13. Institutional Service

    1. Service to the Department
    2. Service to the School
    3. Service to the College
    4. Service to the Graduate Center
    5. Service to the University
  14. Offices Held In Professional Societies

  15. Other Professional Activities And Public Service

  16. Teaching Activities At This Institution

    1. Courses Taught (List)
      Course Description
      PHIL 103  Introduction to Philosophy 
      IS 400  Senior Seminar: Abolition Pedagogy 
    2. New courses/programs developed (list):