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Beckerman, Bernard

Beckerman, Bernard

Associate Professor
Health Professions

Phone: 718-262-5318
Office Location: SC-112-E


Degree Institution Field Dates
MD  University of Brussels  Faculty of Medicine  1975 
BA  Hunter College (CUNY)  Biological Sciences  1967 

Dr. Beckerman is an Associate Professor in the Physician Assistant Program within the Department of Health Professions and is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine.  He has spent 30 years as a practicing physician in large, very busy emergency departments within the New York City area.  He also has a long-standing interest in Emergency Medical Services and serves in numerous positions in EMS in Nassau County, NY.  In addition, he is currently the Deputy Chief for Medical Affairs, Department Surgeon and Medical Director for the Plainview Fire Department.

Areas of Expertise

Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medical Services

Articles in Field Of Expertise

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Chapters in Field Of Expertise

Beckerman. "Spinal Cord Injury." The 5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consult. 1999: 1050-1051.

Beckerman. "Smoke Inhalation." The Streetmedic's Handbook. 1996: 240-243.

Beckerman et al. "Near Drowning." Pulmonary Emergencies. 1994: 127-136.

Professional Honors, Prizes, Fellowships

Recipient of "Heroes of Emergency Medicine" Award from American College of Emergency Physicians: 2008.

Recipient of "EMS Leadership Award" by Nassau County Regional EMS Council: 2004.

Recipient of "EMS Physician of Excellence Award" from New York State Bureau of Emergency Medical Services: 2000.

Recipient of "EMS Physician of Excellence Award" from Nassau County Regional EMS Council: 1999.

Other Professional Activities and Public Service

Diplomate, American Board of Emergency Medicine: 1986 - Present.

Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine: New York University School of Medicine: 1999 - Present.

Deputy Chief for Medical Affairs, Plainview Fire Dept.: 1990 - Present.

Department Surgeon, Plainview Fire Department: 1990 - Present.

Member, Nassau Regional EMS Council: 1992 - Present.

Member & Past-Chair, Nassau Regional Medical Advisory Committee: 1992 - Present.

Member, Education & Training Committee; Nassau County EMS: 1997 - Present.

Chair, Quality Improvement Committee: Nassau County EMS: 1995 - Present.

Member, Protocol Committee; Nassau County EMS: 1997 - Present.

Member, Legal & Governmental Affairs Committee; Nassau County EMS: 2001 - Present.

Medical Director, Fire-Police EMS Academy: 1994 - Present.

First EMS Medical Director; Nassau County EMS: 2002 - Present.

Medical Director, Paramedic Training Program - North Shore University Hospital: 1993 - 2001.

Member, Executive Board of Nassau County Fire Commission: 1994 - Present.

Member, Advisory Board; Emergency Medical Services Magazine: 1993 - Present.

Physician Advisor, Nassau County Police Department Tactical Ambulance Medical Technician Team: 2001 - Present.

Member, Nassau County Medical Reserve Corps: 2005 - Present.

Medical Director for Baldwin, Williston Park, Hicksville Fire Departments and the Nassau County Correctional Center Medical Unit: 2002 - Present.