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Actions Last First Name Title Department Location Phone            
Shane Ayers profile/cv Ayers Shane HRIS Manager
Human Resources AC-2H01D 718/262-2135
Patricia Caceres profile/cv Caceres Patricia College Assistant
Human Resources AC-2H01 718-262-2135
Stephanie Cooper profile/cv Cooper Stephanie Higher Education Associate
Human Resources AC-2H03F 718-262-2355
Elgin Ford profile/cv Ford Elgin HR Manager
Human Resources 718-262-5299
Audre Jackson profile/cv Jackson Audre CUNY Office Assistant
Human Resources AC-2H01 718-262-2999
Sabrina Johnson Chandler profile/cv Johnson Chandler Sabrina Executive Director of Human Resources
Human Resources AC-2H01D 718-262-2719
Brigette Major profile/cv Major Brigette Benefits Specialist
Human Resources AC-2H01 718-262-2076
Lennart Olsson profile/cv Olsson Lennart CUNY Office Assistant 1
Human Resources
Mary Wigfall profile/cv Wigfall Mary CUNY Office Assistant
Human Resources AC-2H01 718-262-2306
Marilyn Williams profile/cv Williams Marilyn CUNY Office Assistant
Human Resources AC-2H01 718-262-2875

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