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Theatre Arts Concentration

The York College Theatre Arts program is the production and performing ensemble comprised of the students, guest artists, faculty and staff of the theater arts discipline at York College.

Through progressive and challenging programming in a unique and dynamic setting, students and professionals work together to create cutting edge theater promoting multiculturalism alongside of artistic achievement. We are a small program offering four to six productions a year; all student-acted and crewed with the guidance of skilled and professionally trained faculty and staff.

We offer a variety of courses ranging from introductory courses such as, Basic Acting, Introduction to the Theatre, and Stagecraft; to upper division courses in Theatre Criticism and Theory, Fundamentals of Directing, and Computer Drafting for the Theatre. Students who choose to work on productions can earn 3 credits of Theatre Practica each semester. As part of the major, all students are also required to take Speech Communication courses as part of their education. The Theatre Arts Discipline is housed is the York College Performing Arts Center (PAC) where you can find faculty offices, our performance space (the Small Theatre), and the Scene Shop.

The Small Theatre is a state-of-art, thrust performance space, with a small proscenium and fly-space. The theatre seats 158 people and includes a newly refurbished lighting and sound system that brings true professionalism to our productions and to student learning. The PAC also houses a rehearsal space fully equipped with lighting and sound equipment for class instruction and small studio performances. Also on site are a fully-functioning costume shop, costume storage, prop and scenery storage, and the large auditorium stage, which seats 1500 people. For our students interested in participating on the productions throughout the year, rehearsals and shop hours are generally Mondays through Fridays from 3PM to 6PM.

All involved students gain the knowledge and professional experience of working hands-on with each new production aside innovative, skilled, and creative faculty/staff. Backstage, students will learn about scenery construction, scenic painting, costumes, lights, and props. And with each production, students can choose from a variety of crew assignments such as: light board operator, sound board operator, wardrobe and makeup, deck crew, and front of house assignments.

Come and get involved in culture at York College! Become a Speech Communication/Theatre Arts major or minor and you will always be, “On the Move”.