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Online Auditions: YC Theatre

Auditions for Fall 2020 YC Theatre Productions
August 21, 2020


There are still parts available in our fall 2020 productions

To schedule an appoint to audition online, please contact:

Look over the Autition Material 

  • No Experience Necessary
  • You will be given a short piece to read
  • You may be called-back to audition a second time
  • Students who are cast in either of the shows must enroll in TA215 Theatre Practice (3 cr)

Casting is for 2 productions:

The Motherf#%ker with the Hat

by Stephen Adly Guirgis

3 men, 2 women 

Jackie, a petty drug dealer, is just out of prison and trying to stay clean. He’s also still in love with his coke-addicted childhood sweetheart, Veronica. Ralph D. is Jackie’s too-smooth, slightly slippery sponsor. He’s married to the bitter and disaffected Victoria, who, by the way, has the hots for Jackie. And then there’s Julio, Jackie’s cousin…a stand-up, “stand by me” kind of guy.

School Girls:  or, The African Mean Girls Play

by Joycelyn Bioh

8 women 

Paulina, the reigning queen bee at Ghana’s most exclusive boarding school, has her sights set on the Miss Global Universe pageant. But the arrival of Ericka, a new student with undeniable talent and beauty, captures the attention of the pageant recruiter—and Paulina’s hive-minded friends. This buoyant and biting comedy explores the universal similarities (and glaring differences) facing teenage girls across the globe.

Paulina - 18, Leader of the pack, is determined to be as special as she believes she is.

Ama - 18, Smart, sensible, Paulina's best friend, but things are starting to fray.

Nana - 16, Overweight, sensitive, reserved, subservient to Paulina.

Gifty - 16, Loves being a part of Paulina's "pack."  Lots of fun, uses energy and humor to be part of the cool kids.

Mercy - 16, Witty side-kick to Gifty, Lots of fun, will do whatever to be cool.

Ericka ("Light / fair skin" or can pass for such) - 18, From American, has come to stay with her father from Ghana.  Sings.  Mature minded, sweet.

The Headmistress - 40s, strong-willed but fair, honest, will work tirelessly for her school and girls.

Eloise Amponsah - 40s, Miss Ghana from 20 years ago, now a recruiter.  Affects a slight British accent over her Ghanaian.  Prides herself for always being poised and a lady.