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Auditions for Fall 2019 York College Theatre Productions
April 9, 2019
Performing Arts Center, Room 106
  • Monday April 8, 4pm-7pm
  • Tuesday April 9, Noon-2pm
  • Thursday April 11, Noon-2pm

The Little Theatre

Milton G. Bassin Center for the Performing Arts at York College

All are welcome!

No experience necessary!

Earn credit - TA 215 Theatre Practice

  • Work backstage or be cast in one of our two spring 2019 major productions!
  • An Octoroon (Winner of the 2014 OBIE Award for Best New American Play)
  • To Be Announce - We will be selecting a second show!

An Octoroon by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

Judge Peyton is dead and his plantation Terrebonne is in financial ruins.  Peyton’s handsome nephew George arrves as their apparent and quickly falls in love with Zoe, a beautiful octoroon.  But the evil overseer M’closky has other paans –for both Terrebonne and Zoe.  In 1859, a famous Irishman wwrote this play about slavery in America.  now an American tries to write his own.


Role 1(M):  Played by an African-American actor or a black actor:

  • BJJ – the author of this play (Brendon Jacob-Jenkins).
  • George – the white heir to the Plantation Terrebonne, a photographer.
  • M'Closky – an evil white overseer who plots to buy Terrebonne and Zoe. 

Role 2(M):  Played by a white actor or an actor who can pass as white:

  • Playwright – a characterization of The Octoroon's Caucasian author, Dion Boucicault
  • Wahnotee – an Indian of ambiguous background, friends with Paul
  • Lafouche – an auctioneer

Role 3(M):  Played by a Native American actor, a mixed-race actor, a South Asian actor, or one who can pass as Native American:

  • Assistant – Playwright's intern, to be played by an actor of Native American or South Asian descent, who plays the roles of:
  • Pete – an older, loyal slave in charge of the house
  • Paul – a young slave

Role 4 (F):  Played by an octoroon actress, a white actress, a quadroon actress, a biracial actress, a multi-racial actress, or an actress of color who can pass as an octoroon.

  • Zoe – the octoroon. She is the daughter of George's Uncle and a slave. Zoe grew up in the house, was educated, and has affection for the slaves, who appreciate her.

Role 5 (F): Played by a white actress or an actress who can pass as white.

  • Dora – a wealthy white woman who sets her eyes on George

Role 6 (F): Played by an African-American actress, a black actress, or an actress of color.

  • Minnie – a house slave

Role 7 (F):  Played by an African-American actress, a black actress, or an actress of color.

  • Dido – a slave, friends with Minnie

Role 8 (F):  Played by an African-American actress, a black actress, or an actress of color.

  • Grace – a pregnant slave

Role 9 (M/F):  Played by someone involved in the production.

  • Br'er Rabbit – a presentation of the Br'er Rabbit character. The actor playing Br'er Rabbit can also double as:
  • Captain Ratts – the owner of a ship that comes to buy slaves