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Information for Transfer Students

Information for music students interested in transferring to York College.
York College Big Band

The York College Big Band in performance.

How to Begin

Interested in continuing your studies at York College as a transfer student, with a major or minor in music?

First Step

First, apply for admission to York College. For more information on the application process, please contact the Office of Admissions.

Second Step

Second, once you have been accepted, make sure that your incoming transcript has been fully evaluated. In addition, you must also declare your music major or minor at the Office of the Registrar.

Third Step

Finally, contact Prof. George Lam or Prof. Mark Adams (co-coordinators of the music program) to schedule an initial advisement session to determine your academic plan to complete your music major or minor.

Completing the Degree

Below are the current four-year degree map and transfer degree map for the Music BA. These degree maps provide an overview of how to complete the Music BA at York College:

How will my courses transfer?

Screenshot of the "Evaluate My Transfer Credit" tool on CUNYFirst.

CUNY students may use the "Evaluate My Transfer Credit" tool on CUNYFirst to take a look at how completed coursework at one CUNY school would transfer as, at another CUNY school. For more information on how to use this tool on CUNYFirst, refer to this guide from the CUNY website.

Request a Department Evaluation

If your incoming music classes from another institution has been evaluated as MUS 999 at York College, that means that the classes have been transferred as a "blanket credit" and not as an equivalent to a specific course at York College. Blanket credits count towards the total number of elective credits that you'll need to complete in order to graduate.

If you would like to request that a MUS 999 course be re-evaluated as an equivalent to a York College music course, here is what you'll need to do:

  1. Head to the Department of Performing and Fine Arts office at AC 1A12 to obtain a Department Transfer Credit Evaluation form.
  2. Gather information about the incoming course (e.g. the course that you took at another institution) that's been transferred as MUS 999, including the syllabus (if available) and course description.
  3. For each MUS 999 course, look through the York College Bulletin and the Music BA degree requirements, to see if there is a comparable York College music courses that you would like the incoming course to be re-evaluated as.
  4. Submit the Department Transfer Credit Evaluation form with information from both 1) the incoming course and 2) the York College course, including course descriptions, to the PFA office at AC 1A12. The music faculty will then evaluate your request and determine whether the incoming music course will be re-evaluated as an equivalent to a York College music course.

Remember: If an incoming course is evaluated as MUS 999, the credits associated with that course still count towards the total elective credits required for graduation.