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York College Art Gallery

Art Defined ∞ Disabilities Redefined

A Collaboration with the Center for Students with Disabilities

October 25 - November 30, 2018

“Like all people living in an age of transition, we are not always lucid or clear about where we are going, or even capable of explaining what exactly is happening to and around us. Some of these events strike us in awe and fear, while others startle us with delight.”

Rosi Braidotti, The Posthuman

Art Defined ∞ Disabilities Redefined is a diverse collection of work created by CUNY student and alumni artists. This exhibition is a celebration of committed artists, working with disabilities, who are contributing to New York City’s thriving art scene. Their art can be experienced as insightful, intriguing, daring, shocking, and, at times, even horrific. But the encounter is always rewarding as each artist shares personal experiences that can range from painful memories to humorous views.

These artists present their skills as well as their craftsmanship with unique, idiosyncratic approaches to the world we all call home. Some make art for a living, others to voice what matters to them when other methods fail. All want to engage us with who they are as artists.

Art Defined ∞ Disabilities Redefined was curated by Truett Lee Vaigneur, Jr., EdD who is the CUNY LEADS Specialist at York College, and an unwavering advocate for the disabled population. An artist himself, Vaigneur is the host of the Manhattan cable television show Disabilities Redefined with Dr. Vaigneur, author of the children’s book Aqua Blue, Visions of a Swimmer, and producer/co-director of The Psychology Professor, a short film featured in the 2017 NewFilmMakers NY Series (ALTFEST).