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Sound Package

Listed are Sound Package A, Sound package B, Microphone Package A and Microphone Package B.
Sound Package A   Microphones Package A
FOH/Monitor Boards: FOH/Monitor Soundcraft - GB4 24x8 w/ 24x8 Snake   Dynamic: (11) Shure SM58
  Soundcraft – Spirit FX8 8x2     (12) Shure SM57
Microphones: Microphone Package A     (2) Shure Beta 58A
Monitors: (2) EV SX300 300 watts each     (1) Shure Beta 52A
  (3) Altec Lansing PS95 300 watts each     (2) Shure Beta 57A
  (4)  JBL JRX112M 500 watts each     (2) Shure Beta 98D/S
Monitor Amplifiers: (2) Crown XS1200 w Yamaha Q2031 Equalizers     (2) shure Beta 56A
  (2) Crown XS1200 w DBX  231 Equalizers     (1) Sennheiser e845
FOH Speakers: (4) JBL VP 7215/95 DPAN (crown amped, 2200 watts peak, each)   Wireless: (4) Shure PGX SM58 
  (8) Altec Lansing surround sound speakers 250 watts each   Condenser: (10) Shure SM94
  (4) Altec Lansing DTS 182A Dual 18’ subs     (5) Shure SM81
        (1) AKG ck1x
Sound Package B    PZM: (4) Crown PCC-160 (PZM)
FOH Speakers: (4) JBL VP 7215/95 DPAN (crown amped, 1100 watts each)      
  (8) Altec Lansing surround sound speakers 250 watts each   Microphone Package B (Wireless)
  (4) Altec Lansing DTS 182A Dual 18’ subs   Receivers: (8) Shure ULX-P4
FOH Board: Allen & Heath GL2800 48x10 w/40 x10 Split Snake   Transmitters: (8) Shure ULX-2 Beta 87 
  AMEK Recall 56x12 RN   Belt packs: (8) Shure ULX1 belt packs
Monitor Board: Soundcraft - Series TWO 32x8   Lavalieres: (8) Countryman E6 (head worn)
FOH Rack: Listed Below   Lavalieres: (4) Countryman B6 (clip on)
Microphone Package A & B, Monitor Rack, Amps, Wedges       
    Monitor Rack, Amps, Wedges 
FOH Rack:   Reverb/Effects: (1)Yamaha SPX 90
Equalizers: (1)ASHLEY GQX 3102 Graphic   Reverb/Effects: (1) Lexicon MX200
Reverb/Effects: (1)Yamaha SPX 90    Compression: (3) DBX 166XL
Reverb/Effects: (1) Lexicon MX200    CD Player: (1) Denon DN615 (CD / mp3)
Reverb/Effects: (1)Yamaha REV 5    Equalizers: (4) ASHLEY GQX 3102 (8 channels)
Compression: (3) DBX 166XL    Wedges: (4) JBL MRX512M 
CD mp3 Player: (1) Denon DN615 (CD / mp3)     (4) EAW SM 159i
Tape Player: (1) Denon DN720R    Amplifiers: (4) Crown XTi 4000 
Miscellaneous   Direct Boxes
Mic Stands:  12 Straight, 8 Booms, 8 Short Booms 6 tabletop etc.   Active: (4) Countryman Type 85
Snakes:  (2) 6-chan, (2) 8-chan, (1) 12-chan, (1) 32x10-chan etc.   Passive: (4) Whirlwind EDB1
Cables:  60-xlr, 20-1/4", 20-speakon, etc.   Passive: (1) Proco CB-1
Backline: Pearl Masters Maple Set w Zildjian A Custom Cymbals      
  Gallien Krueger 700 RBII w GK 4x10 Bass Cabinet   For more information please contact:
  Roland KC550 Keyboard Amp 180w and double tier stand   Kwame Clarke 718 262 2281
  Fender 1965 Reissue Twin Reverb Guitar Amp 85w   e-mail: