York Students Attend Important Conference in Movement Science and PE

Movement Science Professor Victor Ramsey, Ed.D. recently chaperoned Movement Science and Physical Education students to the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance's (NYSAHPERD ) annual conference.

Held in Verona, New York, the students at the three-day event in late November were: Angel Richard, current president of the Movement Science and Physical Education Majors Club, Henry Reyes, current vice-president, Henryetter Singh, and Marlita Eley, a Movement Science major and current secretary of the majors club.

"This was the first time that Movement Science and Physical Education major students' attended a NYSAHPERD conference," said Ramsey. "They received many accolades from colleagues and friends for their level of enthusiasm and engagement during the entire conference. As a York College alum (Class of 1995), there was a sense of pride and dignity that I felt...."

Dr. Ramsey added that the experience was important for students, but would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of colleagues, listing a long list of names including his chair, Dr. David Ajuluchukwu, Dr. Olajide Oladipo, chair of the Business and Finance Department; department colleagues and Dr. Jean Phelps and staff in the Office of Student Activities.

Participating student Marlita Eley said it was an important part of her York experience.

"It was an eye-opening experience for me and it showed me how important it is to stay abreast [of what's going on in the field]," said Eley. "Attending this conference did impact my understanding of what I was learning in the classroom; because at the time I was taking exercise physiology and kinesiology; and I learned a lot about different warms ups for the children and how to keep them in their heart rate zone, etc. I was able to apply what I learned in my classroom in the workshops and apply what I learned in the workshops to my class assignments." Eley implied she might be making a slight switch as well.

"My "Aha" moment was when I realized that I was a Movement Science major and my passion was with Physical Education," she said. "Having this opportunity to participate in the workshops and other physical developments has led me to want to be a physical education educator.

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