York's Henke Earns Fulbright

York College is proud to report that Assistant Provost, Dr. Holger Henke, has earned a Fulbright U.S.-United Kingdom International Education Administrators Program award.

The International Education Administrators award (UK) will take Dr. Henke and other participants on visits to at least 11 universities across Great Britain (in London, Birmingham, Brighton, Edinburgh, Aberdeen... ) to meet their counterparts in higher education administration. They will share experiences, discuss issues and review programs and best practices pertaining to international administration. Topics of discussion will include foreign students, first or second generation migrants, and study abroad programs.

"We're the pilot cohort," said Henke, a native of Germany, who earned his PhD in Government at the University of the West Indies (Mona Heights, Jamaica, campus) "It is very competitive."

Henke, an immediate past president of the Caribbean Studies Association (CSA), is a respected scholar in international relations. His six books include The West Indian American: The New Americans, Constructing Vernacular Culture in the Trans-Caribbean; and Modern Political Culture in the Caribbean.

He has also published numerous articles in scholarly journals such as "Cultural Critique," as well as "Latin American Perspectives" and "Social and Economic Studies."

"Dr. Henke is to be congratulated for his Fulbright Fellowship to participate in the program sharing his experience and expertise with international colleagues while at the same time he's expanding York's participation," said Dr. Panayiotis Meleties, Acting Provost and Senior Vice President at York College."

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