York IT System Outage: Sunday May 5, 2013

To the York IT Client Community:

Due to a system software problem at the core of our server complex, all IT services became unavailable for most of the day yesterday. Although we are now receiving reports of issues on Saturday evening, according to system logs the general unavailability began at approximately 10:30 AM yesterday. Shortly after this time York IT Technicians began troubleshooting to isolate the cause.

Once found, the resolution of the condition required the involvement of vendor product specialists to work with our staff to stabilize the system and safely return application services to steady state. Throughout this recovery care was take to safeguard all system and Client data and we have found no indication that any data was lost.

Faculty and Staff Email (Student Email was unaffected) and other services began to return at approximately 6:00 PM yesterday and have been operating normally since that time. Our Web environment required more work and returned after midnight. It too has been running normally since coming back online. Some local systems needed to be restarted this morning but most, if not all, should be up at this point.

Should you find an IT service to be unavailable or operating in a degraded fashion, please contact our Service Desk at X5300, or the preferably by means of a Yconnect Self Service Ticket.

I want to express my regret for this incident and the inconvenience it created. We will continue our investigation into its root cause and take all possible steps to ensure there will be no reoccurrence.

Peter Tighe

Chief Information Officer