York History Major Fields Law School Offers

Camille Wynter, a graduating History major with interest in law, is in a good place. She is graduating with honors from York and heading to law school later in the year.

Thus far she has received five acceptance letters with another 16 to go while she finishes up an internship designed for King Manor Museum by York professor, Dr. Laura Fishman.

Wynter, who immigrated to the United States from Jamaica at the age of 12, met Professor Robin Harper, who holds a PhD in political science and had succeeded the legendary Shirley Ostholm as director of the pre-law program at York. Like Dr. Ostholm before her, Dr. Harper seems to be a pre-law student’s best friend.

“Professor Harper’s door is always open and she’s always available,” said Wynter. “She sort of takes on your dream; and is extremely passionate about seeing you live out [that] dream that can seem so far-fetched.”

In fact Wynter seems to have amassed quite a cheering squad among the faculty. With a minor in Philosophy, she brags of having taken all of Dr. Howard Ruttenberg’s classes and describes him as “an amazing professor.” Dr. Fishman, chair of the Department of History and Philosophy, is also a favorite professor and valued advisor and she also sings the praises of Dr. George White, a History Professor with a J.D. from Harvard Law School and PhD from Temple University, who has also been an important advisor.

In her sophomore year, Harper encouraged Wynter to apply to the Ronald H. Brown Scholarship for pre-law students, a program based at St. John’s University.  The three-week program provides a foundation for aspiring law students. Wynter would return in her senior year for the intensive three-month component of the program, which prepares students for the LSATs. Wynter excelled and won the award for outstanding legal brief.

“Professor Harper was adamant that I apply to the program in the first place,” she explained. “It’s the best program of its kind in the country.”

Not surprisingly, St. John’s University School of law was among the first to send Wynter an acceptance letter this spring. However, at this time she is contemplating accepting the offer from North Eastern University Law School. Theirs is a four-year program, which includes a Master’s degree in International Law plus the JD. 
Asked about Wynter’s prospects as a law student and attorney, Harper was confident.

“Camille has the skills and the drive and imagination to make this opportunity a reality,” said Harper. “I am very excited as she begins the first steps to becoming an attorney; and [I] look very much forward to hearing about her successes in the future.”

“I think York College is highly under-estimated,” Wynter says. “Before coming here I would never have thought I’d get all this at York.”
And to think Wynter came to York only because a cousin, Craigon Campbell, who graduated from and works at York, gave her a tour and extolled the college’s virtue.

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