York College Professor Receives the Medal of Cultural Merit

Congratulations to Dr. Franklin Gutierrez, professor in the Department of Foreign Languages ESL and Humanities on receiving the Medal of Cultural Merit Decima Feria Internacional del Libro de Escritoras Dominicanas (10th Book and Culture Fair of Dominican Women Writers), March 15-17, 2013 organized by the Dominican Women Development Center, the Dominican Cultural Commissioner, the Dominican Consulate in New York City, FUNGLODE, and Hostos Community College.

Prof. Gutierrez also presented his latest book De Cementerios, Varones y Tumbas (2012) at the Book Fair. Diario la Prensa, highlights the uniqueness of his most recent book.

Professor Gutierrez was the New York City Cultural Attache of the Dominican Republic's Ministry of Cultural Affairs for many years. He was honored for his standing as an intellectual scholar and his contributions to Dominican literature and bibliography.

He is a founding member of the council of Dominican educators and this brief biography in the Dominican Studies website summarizes his many accomplishments:

His writings have been recognized at home and abroad, most recently by the inclusion of his poem "Helen" in The Norton Anthology of Latino Literature (2010). Dr. Gutierrez is a recipient, in 2005, of La Orden del Merito Ciudadano Duarte, Sanchez y Mella, the highest civilian honor bestowed by the Government of the Dominican Republic. In 2000 his book Enriquillo: radiografia de un heroe galvaniano, a work based on his doctoral dissertation completed at The City University of New York, received the National Essay Award from the Secretariat of State for Education and Culture. In 2008, Dr. Gutierrez was one of six honorees to receive the Secretariat's prestigious award Personalidad Cultural Dominicana in recognition of his contributions to Dominican culture and literature.

Dr. Gutierrez is co-author of Diccionario de la Literatura Dominicana, Bibliografico y Terminologico; Antologia Historica de la poesia dominicana del s. XX (1912-1995); and Literatura Dominicana en los Estados Unidos. Presencia Temprana 1900-1950 (both with Daisy Cocco De Filippis). He authored Evas Terrenales. Bio-bibliografias de 150 autoras dominicanas, and Palabras de Ida y Vuelta. Ensayos Literarios, among many others. His most recent novel is El canal de la delicia (New York: Ediciones Alcance, 2009). http://www1.ccny.cuny.edu/ci/dsi/about/about-founders.cfm

Congratulations to professor Franklin Gutierrez for a well deserved honor!