York College Electronic Management Procedures 2013

As you already know, the CUNY Environmental Health and Safety Central Office will be performing an internal audit at York College for three days from February 11-13. In order to be in compliance with EPA and Government regulations, I am posting the following to refresh everyone on the "York College Electronic Equipment Management Procedures."
  1. Electronic equipment on campus, if in use, should be plugged in to show they are being used.
  2. Working equipment that is not being used must be kept in a storage area clearly labeled: "Working Electronic Equipment Storage Area."
    • This storage area must be clean and neat.
    • In case a department does not have a storage room, good equipment must be labeled with a blue sticker; blue stickers are available at every department and the EHS Office.
  3. Unwanted electronic equipment must be removed as soon as possible.
  4. To remove unwanted electronic equipment, please do the following procedure:

Recycling of Computers

All unwanted computers at York College should be recycled. Used computers should not be destroyed or stripped of their parts (IT department should remove only hard drives from used computers for security reasons).

  1. Download and complete an "Equipment Transfer and Salvage Form" from the EHS website Forms & Procedures.
  2. Contact helpdesk (Ext.5300) to request a usability assessment of the computer(s) that is to be salvaged.
  3. Ensure that the IT technician signs the "Equipment Transfer and Salvage Form" to verify completion of the assessment and data retrieval processes.
  4. Send a work order with a copy of the "Equipment Transfer and Salvage Form" to B&G to request the removal of the waste electronic equipment to storage room LD02. When B&G collects the equipment, please make sure the B&G representative signs the form.
  5. Return the form to the property manager in room (AC-1H12, Ext. 2111)

Disposal of Electronic Equipment Other Than Computers

Please follow the above steps (A), (D), and (E)