York College Charter

As you know, four years ago the Senate convened an ad hoc committee to review the charter (the Charter Review Committee).
To: York College Community
From: Marcia V. Keizs, President
Date: May 29, 2014
Re: York College Charter

After four years of teamwork by faculty, students and administrators a proposed charter document was reported out to the Senate on March 25, 2014. This was a thoughtful, inclusive and transparent process during which various iterations of the document were reviewed and commented on by the constituent groups of the college community. The Charter Review Committee carefully reviewed and considered the comments of the constituent groups and where appropriate, made changes to the proposed document, updating it and posting it to the website.

This document was read into the minutes of the March 25 Senate Plenary meeting. At the conclusion of that meeting, the Senators and college community were provided an opportunity to review and submit further amendments to the proposed charter.

On April 10, 2014 the Faculty Caucus sent forward a set of amendments. After reviewing these amendments l was concerned that the proposed amendments substantially changed the document as proposed by the committee and offered an opportunity for a meeting to discuss them. On April 25, I sent a message to the college community urging a careful review of the proposed charter and the proposed amendments to the charter. I also urged you to encourage your Senate representative to vote for the proposed charter, and to vote against the proposed amendments to the document.

On April 29, the proposed charter document was voted on and passed by the Senate; however, the proposed charter was passed with the proposed amendments. Once the votes were tallied and read into the minutes, I advised the Senate that I would take their recommendation under consideration. With the utmost care the documents were vetted both internally and externally. Based on my review, I have concluded that I would not recommend the proposed charter as passed with amendments to the CUNY Board of Trustees.

I believe there are valuable concepts in the language of the proposed charter document; I also believe that there are good ideas in the proposed amendments. Some of the proposed amendments were never discussed in committee, but I stand ready to discuss the ideas in those amendments with the hope that we can find common ground to move the document to a successful outcome. I believe that together we can agree upon both language and ideas that will move us forward to a new charter. Over the next few weeks my office will schedule meetings with various constituent groups with that goal in mind.

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