York College Celebrates Salk Scholarship Winner

Over the course of its 40 years of graduating students, York College has raked up almost 30 Salk Scholars and just added another one.

Dmitri Serjanov, a biotechnology major mentored by Dr. Lewis Levinger, recently received word that he had been granted a Salk Scholarship and acceptance into a Ph.D. program.  The Salk Scholar, name in honor of City College alumnus, the pioneering medical scientist, Dr. Jonas Salk, is usually reserved for students proceeding to medical school.  However, three years ago they made an exception for Angela Hopkinson, another Levinger mentee, to enter a Ph.D. program at the University of Michigan rather than an M.D. program due to her desire and her impressive credentials; and here again they seem to have made it for Serjanov.

According to Dr. Levinger, Serjanov, a former Nursing major, has thrived as a bio-tech major.

“In addition to carrying a full course load, Dmitri dedicated himself to the research lab,” said Levinger. “This led to his acceptance into the Ph.D. program in Molecular and Cell Biology at SUNY-Downstate with a $24,385 annual fellowship including full tuition and health insurance, and receipt of the competitive CUNY Salk award, an additional $8,000 scholarship.”

Dr. Levinger also announced that Christopher Wilson has been accepted into a Ph.D. program.

Starting in July 2011 he will be pursuing a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Biophysics at Brandeis University. He will receive a $29,000 annual stipend with a $2,500 supplement for participation in the Quantitative Biology initiative, in addition to full tuition and health insurance.

“While working full-time evenings and weekends, Christopher Wilson carried a full course load to graduate with honors as a Biotechnology major,” he said

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