York College Bio Major Publishes Work of Fiction

Camilo Iribarren, a senior at York College, CUNY, is making a name for himself as a new author. His recently-published first novel, Conjuring Deception, is the story of a group of magicians helping an FBI agent to solve a series of sleight of hand crimes.

For the author, the book is the culmination of a life-long fascination.

“I have loved magic tricks since I was a child,” said Iribarren. “I got the chance to practice mentalism at the age of 16.”

But the biology senior is not just a fan of magic, he is also fond of the works of the Bard and has borrowed names of some of the Elizabethan’s most famous characters and indeed, his very name is used for the main character.

Iribarren’s intriguing story focuses on a number of crimes committed by magicians and con artists in Seattle. No local law enforcer has been able to solve them.

Enter FBI agent, Simon Shakespeare, who eventually employs the skills of a team of magicians to help solve the case.

Simon Shakespeare is an expert in close-up magic, but needs help with other tricks of the trade. He recruits “cardist,” Ophelia Brownstone, mentalist, Feste Fillmore, stage illusionist, Juliet Gardner and “escapologist, Damon Macbeth.

The team solves crimes involving magical illusions and impropriety. They are able to dissect a crime and read the signs of subtly unfolding violation. Iribarren definitely has a way with a mystery. The story is entertaining and the Shakespearean allusions soon cease to be intrusive.

Iribarren, who started life in Puerto Rico, is the son of a math teacher mom and an economist dad who also writes poetry. The well-travelled young author is fluent in at least three languages. An aspiring physician, he currently works in the Center for Students with Disabilities at York; and considers himself fortunate.

“To me, life is a magic trick,” said Iribarren. “Magic is what life brings you. The trick is how to make the best of it. How are you going to prepare yourself for it?”

But clearly magic and biology are not Iribarren’s only interests. Beyond the names, he is impressively well versed in the works of Shakespeare; and easily quotes whole scenes from plays such as Romeo and Juliet.

Conjuring Deception, is published by Page Publishing, a traditional New York based full-service publishing house, and is available in both online and traditional bookstores. There is at least one passage that is not appropriate for children.



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