York College Aviation Management Students Rub Shoulders With Women Who Made Aviation History

This year's Women in Aviation International (WAI) Conference welcomed 12 new attendees from York's Aviation Management program. WAI President and Founder Dr. Peggy B. Chabrian stated, "This Conference was a celebration of 20 years of Women in Aviation conferences, and a rededication of our commitment to look forward by providing career opportunities for women in all aspects of the aviation community while looking back to recognize and honor the accomplishments of the determined women who made today's accomplishments and career choices possible."

The ten women and two men from York College took full advantage of the learning and networking opportunities provided by the conference. They also connected with people who “made today’s accomplishments and career choices possible.” These included role models like Dawn Seymour from the WW II Women’s Air Service Pilots (WASP) and Atlantic South East Airlines Captain Rachelle Jones, a member of the first all African-American Women flight crew for a commercial flight in the United States.

Aviation Management student Novelette Brown said, “During my attendance I met with pilots, aeronautical engineers, air traffic controllers, veterans like the WASP and even students from other universities. The most rewarding part was being able to discuss my career path with like-minded people in different fields. My experience at the conference was empowering, informative and packed full of fun.”

Daysi Manzano, president of the soon-to-be-established chapter of Women in Aviation at York College seized the opportunity to learn more about running a Chapter of this worldwide organization. She also had the chance to talk to Jessica Cox, a pilot born without arms who doesn’t let that stop her from accomplishing her dreams. “Jessica Cox made me realize that nothing in life is impossible and the adversities that we face only push us to have faith and give 150 percent of ourselves,” she said.

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