Winter and Spring Registration to Start on 11/18

Dear Student,

Beginning on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 York College will begin registration for both the winter 2016 session and spring 2016 term. The winter 2016 and spring 2016 Schedule of Classes are available for viewing on CUNY first. Students will be given an appointment date and time in order to register, which is viewable on their CUNYfirst account. You will only be able to register for course(s) on are after that date and time and not before. Kindly register and pay tuition and any fee balance by the due date(s) as published by the Bursar’s Office and available on the CUNYfirst log-in page.

There are a few steps to ensure that you are officially enrolled for your course(s):

  1.  You must have your advisement service indicator [ADV] cleared from your record. Your academic advisor of your major department or for undeclared students, by an advisor in the Academic Advisement Center, must remove this indicator, which is temporarily located in room AC 3H10 in the Academic Core building.  SEEK students must report to their SEEK advisor located in the SEEK Office room AC 1C08. Students on probation must seek counseling from a member of the Counseling Center staff which is located in room AC 1G03, Academic Core building. Your advisor will assist you in selecting the appropriate courses to make progress toward fulfilling your degree requirements. When you meet with your advisor (if you did not do so already during the October advisement month), please make certain that you bring with you a print-out of your current Degree Works Audit.  (NOTE: Students who began York prior to Fall 2013 may not have an advisement service indicator, but they must still see an advisor.)
  2. Students requiring special permission to take a course must contact the department who offers the course for permission prior to enrollment.
  3. If you have any negative service indicators on your record (ex., Bursar, Financial Aid), please make sure these are resolved prior to attempting to register for course(s).
  4. When you have placed your course(s) in the Shopping Cart, don’t forget to check out since you are not officially enrolled for these courses until you have done so.

Best wishes for an exciting and productive term.

P. Meleties