Undergraduate Research Director

Dear Colleagues: Last fall we began work on a new undergraduate research program to foster and strengthen undergraduate research throughout the college as a key aspect of enhancing student retention and graduation and enabling students to be more competitive for graduate schools and the workforce. As part of that pursuit I recently appointed as Director of Undergraduate Research Dr. Rishi Nath from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in the School of Arts and Sciences, whom I’m pleased to introduce.

Dr. Nath joined York College in fall 2005. Before coming here he taught mathematics at several levels, including at BronzevilleAlternative High School on Chicago’s South Side and in Harvard University’s Franklin Summer Program in Boston’s Franklin Hill housing projects. Nath studied mathematics at the University of Chicago, Brandeis University, and the University of Illinois. His research includes algebraic combinatorics, partition theory, and the representation theory of the symmetric and alternating groups, and he has published articles in leading mathematics journals, including most recently in the Journal of Algebra. He also co-editedGeometry, Games and Graphs and Education, published by the Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications (COMAP) in 2008.

The new program will be managed through the Office of Undergraduate Research. Among other things, it will support students interested in engaging in research with  faculty mentors, develop and maintain a database of mentors, projects, and conferences which students and faculty can access to facilitate research and dissemination. Moreover, the Office will work to create opportunities for students to obtain REUs (Research Experience for Undergraduates) and to attend national and regional conferences. As well, York College will join the nationally-recognized Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR). Indeed, Rishi recently participated in the 2010 CUR Institute for new undergraduate research directors, held at the Univesity of South Alabama.

The signature event this year for our program will be the inaugural Annual Student Research Day, to be held on April 15th. It will showcase recent and current undergraduate student research.  The deadline for registration for the event is Friday, March 5th. Please contact Dr. Nath ( 718-262-2543; rnath@york.cuny.edu) for further information.

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Nath in his new role. I look forward to your working with him, the soon-to-be-established Student Research Council, and my Office as we pursue this crucial new institutional venture.


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