Twin Graduates From York Now Prepping For Med School

Among the 900 graduates at York College’s recent commencement were two soft-spoken, under-the-radar sisters who both majored in Biology with plans for medical school.

Miloni and Malvi Thakker, twins who came to the United States from Gujarat, India where they were born to Haresh and Binita Thakker, excelled at York and are now preparing for the next phase of their education.

The young women don’t look exactly alike as they are fraternal twins; but they sure seem to dream alike.

Not only do they have the same career goal of becoming physicians, they ended up with twin GPAs in the 3.7s, and were mentored by professors with same-sounding last names. Dr. Gerald McNeil mentored Miloni and Dr. Margaret MacNeil mentored Malvi while both students were guided by the Pre-Med advisor, Dr. Andrew Kriss; and both have participated in the Breast Cancer Walkathon under the Pinkology Club’s banner. The Pinkology Club was founded by a fellow-York student whose mother reportedly died from the disease.

The twins were 10 years-old when they arrived in New York and settled in Ridgewood, Queens. Their time at York was so fruitful they are still part of the college family, working as general Biology tutors while preparing to take the MCATS for medical school. And this is where their similarities will finally diverge…maybe.

Malvi wants to attend Downstate Medical College while Miloni wants to attend New York Medical College; but their York experience will remain dear to them.

“The diversity here is amazing,” they both say. “And there are a lot of clubs and the professors are very helpful.”

According to Miloni, Dr. [Gerald] McNeil is an outstanding mentor who “is very straightforward about what he expects from his students.” For her part, Malvi says Dr. [Margaret] MacNeil is “very helpful and always there when you need her.” Both scholars participated in chromosomal research and neither has yet decided what her medical specialty will be at this point. However, they both believe they have been prepared for the rigorous of medical school during their undergraduate years.

“York is one of the best senior colleges of CUNY,” said Miloni, the more talkative of the two. “You get exposed to a lot of situations.”

Graduating from Grover Cleveland High School in 2007, the women applied to CUNY for college and were given the choice of York and College of Staten Island. They chose York for its outstanding science programs. Malvi won a “Myself Third Spirit of New York Scholarship” of $2500 toward her first year of college.

The Scholarship encourages community and school strengthening and Malvi’s winning essay was on the impact of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
When they graduate from medical school they will join hundreds of other York alumni who are practicing physicians and cutting-edge researchers.

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