The [York College] World According to GARP

Business major, Yiu Wong, may be a new American, but his scholarship has put York College on the map as a player among an international list of colleges and universities.

Wong, an upper junior in York’s School of Business and Information Systems, applied to the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) for their scholarship award to business majors with interest in risk management.

To his delight and that of his mentor, Professor Chun-Pin Hsu, the future businessman received the scholarship, modest in figure (under $500) but monumental in value. 

Professor Hsu introduced the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) program as an exam and professional certificate program to his students and Wong was immediately interested.

“I think Yiu is the right person for [a career in] financial risk management,” said Hsu, a native of Taiwan, who embarked on his York career in fall 2009. “I used to work in the industry and I know his personality is the right fit for this profession.”

Wong for his part is glad he chose York.

“York is a really a diverse place,” said the young scholar, who will graduate about a year early from York for having earned an extra 15 credits by taking the College-level Proficiency Examination, last summer. “And you get the professors’ attention all the time. The professors here are very good. Their attitude is better than [at York] than at other places.”

Dr. Harry Rosen, Dean of the School of Business and Information Systems agrees.

“One of the reasons we hired my young colleague, Chun-Pin Hsu, was his energy level, and his comfort in working with undergraduates, Dr. Rosen explained. “Even though he is only in his first year at York, he has taken the initiative to sponsor and promote co-curricular events, and act as the advisor to student clubs. His mentorship of Yiu Wong fits the pattern Chun-Pin established from day one.”

And Dean Rosen sees the GARP association as a coup for York.

“The quality of the other business schools whose students received the award is an indication of their respect for GARP,” said Rosen. “This means that Yiu Wong’s scholarship puts our new School of Business & Information Systems in the right kind of company.”

Rosen further explained that this latest development is setting the right course for the School of Business.

“We are pleased to see that York’s general approach to teaching finance qualified Yiu Wong for the GARP scholarship that recognizes capability in a specialized area within the finance discipline,” he said. “But this scholarship suggests that, as we continue to develop our finance curriculum, we may want to pay more specific attention to financial risk management.”

And kudos to Wong, who attended high school at the Windsor School in Flushing, York is now on the same list (GARP) as Fordham University, University of Michigan; Australian School of Business, UNSW; George Washington University; Indian University of Technology, University of Maryland, HEC Paris, National Cheng Chi University; and the National University of Singapore, among many others.

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