Statement of Administrative Reorganization

As part of an ongoing review of York’s Athletic Program the following administrative reorganization will take effect on December 17, 2015: The Office of Intercollegiate Athletics (formerly the Athletic Program), will report to Interim Dean Vincent Banrey in the Division of Student Development. Ms. Jessica Cherry, the Senior Associate Director of Athletics/Senior Woman Administrator, will immediately assume the position as Interim Deputy Director of Athletics/Senior Woman Administrator. She will be supported by the existing administration and staff. Additionally, the Office of the Registrar along with Mr. Reginald Madden, in his role as Academic Affairs Manager, will provide assistance to assure compliance with CUNYAC and NCAA Division III Rules and Regulations.

The Department of Health, Physical Education and Gerontological Studies will continue to report to Dean Lynne Clark in the School of Health Sciences and Professional Programs. In the coming months, there will likely be further organizational changes as the Office of Intercollegiate Athletics is fully integrated into the Division of Student Development.

-Marcia V. Keizs