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Q&A with Prof. Mary-Andrée Ardouin-Guerrier

Interview with Mary-Andrée Ardouin-Guerrier about life balance and student success!

Our team had a chance to interview this weeks faculty spotlight, Mary-Andrée Ardouin-Guerrier! A Health and wellness professional with a background in health research among at-risk populations and health literacy. Mary-Andrée is also well versed in technology, media, brand development, curating awesomely inspiring stories she shares on her social platforms. Her proven ability to influence performance improvement has helped her students succeed. With a consistent history of motivating her teams, she uses her personal experience to guide students to holistic progress. Below is a Q+A’s from this weeks interview! 

Q: What drives you to do the things you do, at work, at home, and what motivates you to keep going?

A: “I am driven by my desire to inspire and motivate everyone around me and beyond to live fully, freely, and healthily. I am profoundly interested in environmental health, environmental justice, wellness, clean beauty, and toxic-free parenting.”

Q: How do you balance work life, home life and still find time for creativity?

A: “I am a professor, mom, wife, doctoral student, and business owner. I don't have much free time nowadays, but I love learning new things, creating mini adventures, cooking, and decorating/furnishing our new apartment as toxic-free as possible.” 

Q: What is something you wish you would have done in college?

A:”One thing that I wish I had done during undergraduate school was to connect more with faculty, to pick their brains about things that I was interested in. Though I did do so, but I know I could have done more. However, I did get a second chance when I went back to school for my master's degree and now for my doctorate at Columbia University. I pick faculty and staff's brain as much as I can. You can learn from anyone! Even the people who aren't in the spotlight. Lastly, I expanded my networks with social advocacy groups and I got involved on campus a lot more.”

Thank you Mary-Andrée Ardouin-Guerrier for taking the time to share your perspective! 

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