Softball Player Joviette Frederick Represents York at CUNY Goodwill Tour

York College sophomore softball player Joviette Frederick is currently representing York College in the 2011 City University of New York Goodwill Tour, which will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana from May 25th through Saturday, June 4th.

The Goodwill Tour concept was initiated to augment the student college experience by providing a platform to promote individual and community development. In addition, the tour offers benefits by exposing and marketing the CUNY name and its students/staff to a wider external audience. The mission of the CUNYAC Goodwill Tour concept is to develop well-rounded student-athlete leaders who can serve as ambassadors of CUNY, community advocates, and role models on their local campuses. Student-athletes and student leaders will travel with coaches and administrators to engage in humanitarian work in high-need areas of the world, to exchange cultural values, and to develop skills necessary to become leaders in college, career and life.

This time, top scholar-athletes from all 15 CUNYAC member colleges will be joined by a student-athlete from Division II Queens College, therefore athletic excellence will be represented from each of the 16 CUNY campuses that offer intercollegiate athletics and add one representative each from the Macaulay Honors College, the Malave Leadership Academy, and the University Student Senate. Along with participating administrators from CUNYAC, the CUNY Central Office and as many as five member campuses, the team will provide said humanitarian support to New Orleans.

On the previous tours, a sport specific team has engaged in cultural and athletic activities in a country that has growing interest in the particular sport. The five teams have travelled to: Argentina for women’s volleyball, Dominican Republic for men’s basketball, Ecuador for women’s basketball, Italy for baseball and South Africa for men’s soccer.

“The Goodwill Tours have been such a rewarding experience for the student-athletes of the past that we had to be creative to allow current scholar-athletes to share similar experiences,” said CUNYAC Executive Director Zak Ivkovic, who has been responsible for all five tours and will lead this one as well. This tour will be completely different in its’ structure and approach as it’s happening at home. Still, our community service efforts and the outcome for the scholar-athletes will be similar. In the end, we are all thrilled at the opportunity to accomplish this once again.”

The CUNY Athletic Conference is posting daily updates on its website, while also posting videos.  Joviette is also contributing daily updates and photos, which can be seen here.

Story Courtesy of CUNY Athletics

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