Simplifying the CUNY Scholarship/Creative Activity Report

Use the Faculty CV feature in the York College website to simplify reporting faculty scholarship/creative activity to CUNY.

New this month faculty can use the online Curriculum Vitae feature to simplify reporting for the 2008 CUNY Faculty Scholarship/Creative Activity Collection.

The promise of York's faculty page, including the Curriculum Vitae feature, is that it can simplify a variety of forms of reporting, from faculty expertise listings, office hours, and courses, to a sharing of intellectual activity and the preparation of the CUNY Institutional CV.

Faculty members who enter their 2008 scholarly/creative activities into the online Curriculum Vitae can now use the "Send to CUNY" button to submit their activities to the CUNY Portal.

Simple Instructions for Faculty Maintaining an Online CV

  1. Login to the CUNY Portal (One way to do it: At the York website, go Current Students-CUNY Portal-Blackboard.)
  2. Open a new browser window and login to the York College website (upper right corner)
  3. Navigate to your webpage in the system (use the York search box or navigate through Academics-Academic Departments-Humanities-English-Faculty/Staff)
  4. Click the Curriculum Vitae link in the upper right portion of your page
  5. Scroll down to your scholarly/creative work, find a relevant entry, and click "send to cuny" button. A dialog box like the one pictured below will pop up
  6. Use the "please select" dropdown menu to categorize the specific entry for submission.
Send To CUNY Dialog Box