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SCOTUS Protections for the LGBTQ Community

Like so many of you, I am heartened by the Supreme Court’s June 15, 2020 ruling affirming federal workplace protections for the LGBTQ community.

Having recently joined York College, I am proud to continue its longstanding commitment to fair and equitable hiring and promotion practices across the human spectrum.

CUNY has long been committed to fostering a culture of respect and dignity within the University. At York College, the diversity of our faculty and staff serves to strengthen the services we provide to our students and our standing as a member of the Queens community. Every individual, regardless of sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, is a valued member of our campus community and must never be made to feel that they are excluded from civil rights protection at any level – local, state, or federal – and I personally, along with the College’s executive team, stand up and applaud the wisdom of the Supreme Court justices who rose up when called to solidify the rights of LGBTQ+ employees across the country. We are, and remain, dedicated to celebrating the diversity of our campus and fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging, ALWAYS.

As a reminder, the responsibility of ensuring the College’s compliance with the CUNY Policy on Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination has been assigned to the campus Chief Diversity Officer, Alicia Franqui, Esq. College vice presidents, deans, directors, managers and supervisors share responsibility for ensuring our compliance with relevant policies and laws. Any faculty or staff member who feels that they are experiencing negative treatment based on their gender, gender identity or sexual orientation is encouraged to contact Ms. Franqui at afranqui@york.cuny.edu or reach out to my office at president@york.cuny.edu.

In solidarity,

Interim President Johnson-Eanes

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