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Rosetta Ross In Celebration of BHM

Our student, Rosetta Ross, sharing her story of ambitions and dreams, continuing to strive!see document or text tab to read this page

"My name is Rosetta Ross. I'm a graduate student from LaGuardia community college. I believe that education is better than silver and gold so I decided to continue my education at York College as a social worker. My ambition and dream are to work with people on a professional level. For several years I've focused my career path on the pursuit of learning and developing important skills necessary to play a great role in society. As a personal mission, I will strive to empower and improve other life circumstances."

"I grew up in Guyana Berbice and migrated to the USA because my mom is living here. I have three kids ranging from 16 to 6. I have three sisters and no brother, I'm the third one to graduate from college. life was not what I expected after my mom left. Things became difficult and the situation turned into Trauma raising by this and that cousins. Going to school was hard, so I dropped out in 11 grade to focus on my younger siblings. When I migrated to the USA one of my motives and mission was to get an education and take back control of my life. The first thing I did was write my GED. It takes me many tries to get my GED. Thank god for my persistence."

"Immediately I signed up for college knowing what would be the outcome. Plus I was tired of working from paycheck as a security guard than as a bus matron. Looking at situations in the USA, To enhance my life I know I would have to change my mindset by learning how to study and take of three kids. Also, I was hungry to be educated and to prove to my mom even though she was not there and I mess up as the eldest,I still have an opportunity in the USA to make life a bit more livable. On June 20th, 2020 my dream come through. I graduated from LaGuardia community college as a Human Services and mental health. Pursuing my dream to be a social worker would be one of my great accomplishments. It will enhance my career so I can provide a better life for my kids also to set an example to show them that having an education is one of the most powerful weapons blasting with confidence."

"Life is a challenge for me every day, especially with this new virus covid. I believe anyone can make a difference and that the reason I motivate my kids daily that education is better than silver and gold."

Thank you for sharing your story Rosetta! 

Do you have a story or an accomplishment you would like to share? It is not too late to share your story, you never know who you will inspire! Share with us today!