Road Closure Notice: From Chief Massiah to the College Community

Construction Project on 165 Street Impacting Vehicular Traffic to the East Parking Lot; Guy Brewer Blvd Entrance Expected to Re-open by Mid-Next Week

Please be advised that due to a private construction project on 165th Street and Archer Ave., we have been informed that vehicular traffic on 165th Street is subject to intermittent disruption over the next 22 weeks while the work is in progress. Only vehicles destined for the York College East Parking Lot will be allowed to enter and exit 165th Street from Liberty Ave.  Entrance to 165th Street from Archer Ave will remain closed when active work is in progress. A Public Safety Officer will be assigned to the 165th Street and Liberty Ave. intersection to assist members of the college community when 165th Street is closed to vehicular traffic.

Meanwhile, the college's own construction project, which resulted in the closing of the Guy R. Brewer Blvd. entrance to the East Parking Lot over the last weeks and months, is near completion.  It is anticipated that the construction will be completed next week and that the Guy R. Brewer Blvd. entrance to the parking lot will be re-opened by mid-next week.