Reminder: Complete the Surveys

All surveys were sent to their YORK email.

Communication to Students:

It is that time in the semester to evaluate your instructor for their courses.

This is your opportunity to provide constructive feedback to the faculty member, the department and the college administration about the instruction you are receiving in your courses. To access your survey click on the secure link in the email and password sent to you on April 21, 2015. Only clicking that link and using the password provided will authenticate you as an enrolled member in the class and allow you to complete the survey. While the security system will record the fact that you have completed the survey, it WILL NOT retain any association between your submitted survey and your identity. This is an anonymous survey.

All questions on the survey are mandatory, comments are optional. At the end of the survey you will have the options to submit or Save your survey. Survey responses are not recorded until you Submit your survey. You are able to temporarily save your answer and return to complete and Submit your survey any time prior to the survey close date, but you must return to your survey using the secure link in this email. In order to resume and complete your survey you will need to locate the email and password sent to you on April 21, 2015 and follow the link.

It is critical that every student takes the time to complete the evaluation(s).

Thank you for your support!
York College Office of Academic Affairs