Recent Grad Grateful for York Experience

When I started my academic career, I knew I wanted to go to York College. I did not know though what course of study I wanted to pursue. It was in the Behavioral Sciences where my passion grew. Political Science and the Pre-Law program were the disciplines that allowed me to discover altruism.

I attribute much of my success to York College, the Behavioral Sciences Department and the staff. The discipline along with academic skills gave me the tools that have allowed me to be successful. Hard work is a value that has pushed me through my most difficult times; Spanish and mathematics made me challenge myself to my fullest capacity. I realized [that] if I worked hard enough with supportive elements and resources [available at] York College, I could achieve.

I applied this simple concept in all areas of my life, of discipline, hard work and my academic skills. I have learned to take accountability for my actions; I am responsible for my success, not my family, not my professors. That’s when I realized I no longer had obstacles but challenges to overcome.

During my college career, I managed to complete three internships and worked two part-time jobs while going to school full time and still made the Dean’s List.  Since graduating, I have worked as an apprentice in a small local law firm, in which I received the New York State Legislative Certificate of Merit in April 2015 from New York State Assembly member Miller for my contribution in the legal field practicing Elder Law

I am currently at John Jay [College] perusing the JD MPA program and I am even considering a second foreign language.

My success does not belong to me but to York College and my family, for they have showed me tools that I applied to my life that have attributed to me overall, I in turn, will do the same. 

-Brandi Stanbury

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