Public Safety's "Up Till Midnight/Safe Passage" Program

Please be advised that the Public Safety Office is implementing a "Safe Passage Initiative" during the "Up Till Midnight Program" to ensure the safe arrival of members of the campus community to the Archer Ave/Parsons Blvd Subway station after their evening classes and late night study sessions.
To: The College Community
From: Director, York College Public Safety Department

Officers will be stationed along a Safe Passage route leading from the Academic Core building to the 159th Street Pedestrian Walkway that ends on Archer Avenue. Officers at the Archer Ave. gate will maintain visual observations of students, faculty and staff members transitioning to the Jamaica Center transit hub location located on Parsons Boulevard and Archer Avenue. This Safe Passage program will be in place throughout the Up Till Midnight study program.

As part of the "Safe Passage Initiative", students and faculty are encouraged to continue to use the "buddy system," organized groups walking together to your destination. These small measures can make a big difference in your personal safety.

-D. Smallwood

Public Safety