Provost Griffith Leaves York College to Become President of Fort Valley State University, Georgia

It is with mixed emotions that I announce the appointment of Dr. Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith, effective July 22, 2013, by the Chancellor and the Board of Regents of the University System in Georgia as president of Fort Valley State University.

Six years ago, upon the conclusion of a national search, York College community welcomed Dr. Griffith as provost and senior vice president for Academic Affairs. Since that time, he has led the academic revival of York with distinction. Starting with the successful completion of the decennial Middle States review and other external accreditation visits, he then redesigned the academic infrastructure of the college into three distinct schools. He collaborated with the academic chairs and deans to strengthen existing academic programs and he led the creation of new programs: Journalism, Pharmaceutical Science, Generic Nursing, Logistics and Supply Chain, and Health Sciences. He built the newly established Aviation Business major.

Provost Griffith demonstrated his commitment to both access and excellence of York College students by recruiting and mentoring in their behalf, stellar new faculty from across the world thus increasing the faculty rank 40 percent during his time. With Title III funding, he led the creation of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning; imagined and executed the Provost Lecture Series and its various offshoots; expanded the Undergraduate Student Research Program beyond its initial location in the sciences that has resulted in a robust undergraduate activities across the curriculum including study abroad. Ivelaw cultivated enhancements in our system: syllabi review and standardization; timely grade submission; on-line management of reappointment, promotion and tenure; improvement of external review of candidates for promotion and tenure; systematic academic program reviews of departments and much more.

Moreover, Ivelaw fostered a culture that encourages, challenges and celebrates faculty accomplishments; and he supported students' success while keeping the college and the wider community informed through the monthly publication, Academic Affairs Update. Beyond this, he celebrated faculty research and student mentorship in the newly-established journal, Discovery. The Convocation Professor was yet another way he presented front and center the intellectual contributions of our faculty to the college community--students, faculty, and administrators, all. Only this past year, he launched a new initiative, the Provost Conversations on Research and Scholarship, to marshal and guide the formidable, if sometimes latent talents, of our faculty in their various research and scholarship efforts.

I will miss Ivelaw as both friend and colleague. I could not have asked for a stronger partner at York as we executed the agenda that Chancellor Goldstein had challenged us to do: be the best York you can be. As he leaves us, we celebrate him as he has celebrated us and congratulate him on this well earned opportunity. We look forward to hearing of his successes in Georgia.

As we transition, Dean Panayiotis Meleties, a key partner in Ivelaw's York journey, has agreed to lead our academic team until we conduct a national search. I am confident that you will support Dean Meleties in his new role to assure we lose no ground in continuing to make the academic progress that our York students deserve and have come to expect.

Professor, Provost and President: please join me in wishing Dr. Griffith the very best in his new role; and in thanking him for his bold academic leadership these past six years.

Marcia V. Keizs


Photo Farewell Reception Provost