Professor Samuel Hux Designated Convocation Professor

On Thursday, September 15th York College will formally open the 2011-2012 Academic Year with the annual Fall Convocation, which will be held in the large performance space of the Performing Arts Center.

The Convocation Professor for this year is Dr. Samuel Hux, a founding faculty member.

Dr. Hux, who shares his teaching talents simultaneously between the English Department and the Department of History and Philosophy, arrived at York from the faculty of Queens College in 1967. At York he has taught Foundations of Western Literature, The Bible as Literature, Understanding Poetry, Tragedy, and Shakespeare.

In the philosophy discipline he teaches Introduction to Philosophy, Aesthetics, Literature and Philosophy, and American Philosophy. At one time or another he has also taught (for the Humanities program) Studies in 20th Century Christian Thought, and (in Political Science) The Political Novel and American Political Thought.

It is rare, if not impossible, that any York English major over the college’s 45- year history has not taken at least one winning class with Dr. Hux. In addition to his talent as a scholar and teacher, Hux is in possession of an enviable wit that makes the experience of knowing him unforgettable to students and colleagues alike.

“I have never regretted coming to York, and staying here,” he has said. “I have experienced a certain intellectual freedom here [that] I might not have enjoyed elsewhere, teaching in more than one discipline.”

But not only has he served the college in diverse subjects and departments, Dr. Hux has also served on the English Department Personnel and Budget Committee and on the College Curriculum Committee for many years. A former member of the United States Army, he has given additional service to the college as English representative in the College Senate as well.

In journals as diverse as The Antioch Review, Commentary, Commonweal, Dissent, The Humanist, Midstream, Modern Age, New Oxford Review, The New Republic, Saturday Review, Western Humanities Review, and others, Professor Hux has published approximately seventy essays and reviews. He is currently engaged—among other long-range projects—on a book of intellectual history exploring the dissociation of cultivation and ethics in modern western civilization.

Reared in Greenville, North Carolina, Dr. Hux earned his undergraduate degree in English and Philosophy from the University of North Carolina and the PhD in English from the University of Connecticut. His areas of expertise include Tragedy, Holocaust Literature, Classical Foundations of Western Literature, American Thought, Aesthetics and History of Ideas.

Dr. Hux commutes to York from his home in rural Connecticut, which he shares with the poet Evelyn Hooven, his “smarter, better half,” a former creative writing professor retired early from Lehman College.

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