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Professor promotes #SocialActivism in the classroom at York College, CUNY!

Prof. Remi Alapo's Fall 2019 Intro to Multi-Cultural Studies in the 21st Century (CLDV 100) students participated in activities leading to the #UN Women's 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence in support of the #HearMeToo, #16DaysofActivism and #OrangeTheWorld campaigns (from November 25th - December 10th). The days’ activities started by teaching students about diversity, respect, and tolerance for other cultures, both verbal and non-verbal communications and the ways in which certain cross-cultural communication especially in the use of gestures, body language, and verbal expressions may be miscommunicated by others, which may result in violence, unwanted approach, and touching. Professor Alapo encouraged her students to take a social activism approach in understanding diversity and different cultures especially as the majority of the students are migrants, or have origins in others nations where certain hand gestures, facial expressions, and body language have different values or meaning depending on the region or culture that the person is from.

Prof. Alapo invited H.H Maharaj Dileepkumar Thankappan (popularly known as “Guruji” or “Guru Dileepji”), Global Chairman of World Yoga Community to provide a hands-on approach to cross-cultural understanding and eliminating violence as part of his interfaith peacebuilding work, which included a mini yoga and meditation session. Both Prof. Alapo and Guru Dileepji, as he is popularly known, have collaborated for almost 10 years on faith-based and cross-cultural activities promoting understanding, tolerance, respect and most importantly, love as the school of thought to understanding those who are different from us.

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