Prof. Nath's Excellent Math Adventure

Dr. Rishi Nath has agreed to blog about his travels this summer as he visits universities in Europe for academic events. "I hope it gives a flavor for what research trips are like for students who are considering a career in mathematics (or academics in general) or those who are guess curious as to what mathematicians do outside the classroom."

Follow Rishi Nath's great math tour of Europe on his new blog -- -- as he presents papers and consults with his fellow wizards of algebra and group theory. Nath, assistant profesor of mathematics and computer studies and director of undergraduate research at York College is in Copenhagen this week. He'll speak at the University of Copenhagen's Algebra Seminar. His topic: "Recovering diagonal hooks of self-conjugate partitions."

"I am working on this manuscript now," he reports, "and since Copenhagen boasts one of the top algebraic combinatorics teams in the world, I hope to get some really good feedback."

York students and faculty are spread out all over the globe this summer and staying in touch via their ePortfolio blogs. We'll share more reports over the next few weeks.

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