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Police/Community Forum Held at York

Through collaborative efforts, the York College campus was the recent site of a community dialogue hosted by “Eat Play Win, Inc." and the 103 Police Precinct.

The event featured just about 60 community individuals, including members of York College's Dr. Earl Simon's, Dir. of Government and Community Relations, Student Government, non-profit leaders and volunteers; clergy representative and others. The roughly 90-minute discussion was meant to open dialogue between community and the police.


Billed as the “One Community Initiative,” the stated goal is “a solutions-based initiative” and held in different locations throughout the precinct district. It is an opportunity for police and community to share their concerns and ideas.

The 103rd Precinct’s effort to “help build bridges between police and the communities in which they work,” in the aftermath of police victim George Floyd and others, and the civil unrest that has ensued. In addition to the live meetings, community members are also encouraged to share their perspectives via video with Sgt. Khadija Faison at

In attendance at the York event, held in the campus’ Amphitheatre, were approximately seven uniformed members of the 103rd’s community affairs unit as well as the captain; as well as York’s Chief Rufus Massiah and a number of his Public Safety team members. Most of the community attendees were men, many of whom shared anecdotes of encounters they have had with the police and called for reform.

The officers listened politely and the community members in return were appreciative for the opportunity to share their perspectives. These events are being held throughout the NYPD Precints across the city.

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