Phishing Attempt Alert

Earlier today, multiple emails were received that may compromised your email account. In order to avoid this do not reply to that email or click on any links! Senders of this Phishing or Spam has been blocked from our network.

(Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to electronically acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and IDs by masquerading as a trustworthy individual or entity.)

(Spam is junk or bulk email involving identical messages sent to numerous recipients which could include phishing web sites or sites that host malware.)

Stay on the alert for phishing attempts. Some are very sophisticated and the e-mail may appear to be sent from someone you know. You should be suspicious of any e-mail asking for personal, user account information or account verification. Remember that the Service Desk will never ask you for such information via e-mail.

Delete such e-mails and empty your trash.

An example of today's phishing attempt is shown below.