Personnel Changes: Diversity/Legal/Labor

TO: College Community
FROM: Dr. Marcia V. Keizs, President of York College
DATE: February 19, 2015

Effective immediately, Ms. Gail Marshall will serve as the Interim Chief Diversity Officer (CDO)
 and Qiana Watson, Esq. will serve as the Interim Executive Director of Legal Affairs and Labor Relations. Both positions will report directly to me.

The CDO will oversee programs, activities and initiatives designed to foster the climate that respects pluralism and diversity. The CDO will serve as the Title IX coordinator and Section 504/ADA Coordinator. The CDO will monitor employment search processes, advise the College community on matters related to equal employment opportunity, affirmative action policies and will lead the related education and training initiatives. In the past, many of these duties were executed by the Office of Compliance Programs and Legal Affairs, but in keeping with CUNY directives and best practices in higher education these two functions will now be separated. For the time being, this office will retain its location in Room 2HO5C and Ms. Marshall can be reached at 718-262-2141.

The Executive Director of Legal Affairs and Labor Relations/Special Counsel to the President is the legal advisor to the president. The scope of the office has been broadened and will now include Labor Relations, which was housed previously in the Office of Human Resources. The position provides timely strategic and proactive guidance on the interpretation and implementation of the bylaws of the Board of Trustees, collective bargaining agreements, matters involving the College and College-affiliated entities, College governance procedures, immigration issues, and higher education regulations to college administrators, department chairpersons, directors, faculty, staff and students. The position will contribute to the achievement of College goals and objectives by heightening the understanding of and compliance with the aforementioned governing laws, rules, regulations and CUNY policies and procedures. Ms. Watson will relocate to 2HO5F and can be reached at 718-262-2140. She will be supported by the existing staff: Geraldine Powell and Ms. Robin Wills.

As these are interim positions, we expect to conduct searches to fill them permanently. I thank Ms. Marshall, Ms. Watson and the respective individuals reporting to them for their cooperation in this transition.