Campus Alert - Occupy Demonstration

Due to the scheduled “Occupy” demonstrations planned throughout the city and Jamaica Station at Parsons/Archer, the college is preparing safety measures to protect those in and around the York College campus.

Campus Alert - Occupy Demonstration

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In the event the demonstrators encroach upon the campus perimeter, the Public Safety Department with be securing all access gates to all campus buildings.   

Officers will be posted at the gate lines to ensure no unauthorized demonstrations enter the college grounds.  Please follow the instructions of the Public Safety officers as that will guide you to the safest way to exit the campus during this time.

York's policy on rallies, demonstrations and public assemblies states: 

York College respects the right of all members of the academic community to explore and to discuss questions, which interest them, to express opinions publicly and privately, and to join together to demonstrate their concern by orderly means. It is the policy of York College ("the College"), to protect the right of voluntary assembly, to make its facilities available for peaceful assembly, to welcome guest speakers, to protect the exercise of these rights from disruption or interference. York College also respects the right of each member of the academic community to be free from coercion and harassment. It recognizes that academic freedom is no less dependent on ordered liberty than any other freedom, and it understands that the harassment of others is especially reprehensible in a community of scholars. Therefore, York College will not allow disrup tive or disorderly conduct on its premises to interrupt its usual operation.

Thank you.

Chief Tyrone Forte 
York College Public Safety Department 
718 262-2218 (office)
718 262-2365 (fax)