MTA Chief Addresses York College Breakfast

On Friday, October 7, MTA Chairman and CEO, Jay Walder, was the featured speaker at the York College Executive Leadership Breakfast.

In the wide-ranging address, Mr. Walder discussed the fare hikes, which were approved less than 24 hours prior to his York discussion, and plans to use technology to improve the system.

Chairman Walder acknowledged that he does realize that people are frustrated with the fare increases. He explained that the state’s fiscal woes impact the MTA’s options, thereby making increases inevitable.

He added that not only is he the boss of the MTA, he is also a loyal customer; so he knows the system from both sides and understands riders’ angst.

“For my first year heading the MTA, I have swiped my Metro Card just under 900 times,” said Walder, adding that he took notes and tried to implement changes based on his experiences.

Walder revealed that digital signs on the platforms alerting passengers of arriving trains will also be added outside the stations as well. 

“Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the train is running before you go down and pay your fare?” He added that there are also plans underway for Wi-Fi capability from Sprint and T-Mobile. This technology will allow for cell phone service from underground platform areas – a rare occurrence at present.

The Executive Leadership Breakfast Series at York College was launched in the fall of 2005 to bring together the preeminent leaders and thinkers in business, government, education and other sectors to share their expertise with the Queens community.

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