Men’s Volleyball to Hold Canned Food Drive for Haiti at Multi-Match

The York College men’s volleyball team will hold a “Drive for Haiti,” during the CUNY Athletic Conference men’s volleyball multi-match on Saturday, February 6th at York College. The team will hold a canned food drive which will help to benefit the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

All fans and student-athletes are encouraged to bring a can of non-perishable goods to the multi-match, which begins at 9:00 am in the Health & Physical Education building.

“York College has a strong Haitian-American population,” said men’s volleyball coach Andre M. Titus Jr.  “Members of the volleyball team, who are from Haiti, have lost family members in the earthquake. They came to me and said they wanted to do something to help out. With every CUNY school coming to the multi-match, this is the perfect time to help out.”  

If you have any questions, please contact Andre M. Titus Jr., at diaholland@aol.com.


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