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Dr. Linda M. Grasso Publishes New Work

Congratulations to Dr. Linda M. Grasso (English Department) on her recently published essay, "Differently Radical: Suffrage Issues and Feminist Ideas in The Crisis and The Masses,” which is included in Front Pages, Front Lines: Media and the Fight for Women's Suffrage, ed. by Linda Steiner, Carolyn Kitch, and Brooke Kroeger (University of Illinois Press, 2020), 115-133. A longer version of this article was published in American Journalism: A Journal of Media History 36.1 (Winter 2019): 71-98, in a special issue on Women Suffrage and the Media.

Dr. Grasso specializes in U.S. Literature and Culture, Women's Literature, and Women's and Gender Studies. She is the author of Equal Under the Sky: Georgia O’Keeffe and Twentieth-Century Feminism (University of New Mexico Press, 2017) and The Artistry of Anger: Black and White Women’s Literature in America, 1820-1860 (University of North Carolina Press, 2002). Learn more about Professor Grasso’s other scholarship.


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