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Professor Leslie S. Keiler publishes an article

Leslie S. Keiler, Raffaella Diotti & Kara Hudon have published an article to The Journal of Professional Development in Education.

Leslie S. Keiler, Raffaella Diotti & Kara Hudon (2020), recently published an article to The Journal of Professional Development in Education titled "Supporting teachers as they support each other: Lessons concerning mentor teacher feedback to teacher mentees".

A portion of the abstract is below:

"Supporting the growth and retention of teachers in urban classrooms poses significant challenges to the education community. Student-centred instruction has demonstrated positive impacts on student academic growth and social development, facilitating acquisition of 21st century skills. However, implementing student-centred instruction is demanding for teachers, requiring high quality professional development. Teacher peer mentoring can be an effective and efficient component of professional development initiatives, but little is understood about ways to support and sustain the mentors themselves. Read full article

Headshot of Leslie Keiler

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