Join the SEMAA Program (Spring 2014) and Catch the Excitement!!

NASA-sponsored SEMAA (Science, Engineering, Mathematics, and Aerospace Academy) Program @ York College is offering spring session (February 8 through April 5, 2014; no classes scheduled on February 22, 2014) for K1-8 students.

Current SEMAA session highlights sixteen successful years of offerings for the greater York community. Over 15,000 students participated in this program since 1999.

Through the SEMAA Program, students are involvedin mastering various STEM-focused learning and critical thinking skills including rocketry, robotics, aeronautics, 3D Printing, and other space-related topics.

SEMAA Family Cafe is an integral component of the program and open to parents. Cafe activities are conducted in AC-3D01. The program is free and meets eight Saturday from 9 am to noon.

Call 718-262-2580 or 718-350-5998 any time for more information.

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