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Physics Breakthrough!

Dr. Andy Edmonds, who recently joined York College as an Assistant Professor, is helping to break new ground in the world of physics.

Dr. Edmonds and his colleagues analyzed data to measure the precession frequency of the muons. Curious about muons and what this data means? According to Dr. Edmonds, he and his colleagues “have made the most precise measurement of the ‘muon magnetic anomaly’ to a precision of 200 parts per billion. This is twice as precise as any previous measurement and, to put it into perspective, it is the same as measuring the Statue of Liberty (151 feet) to 2 millionths of an inch!” What an amazing feat! Kudos, Professor Edmonds and Welcome to York College!

Take a deeper dive into the world of this latest physics breakthrough by watching this video, in which Professor Edmonds is one of the featured speakers! You can also read more news about the data Professor Edmonds and his colleagues published.